Combined Plan Computer Engineering (FAQs)

  • What is the standard fall course schedule for incoming combined-plan Computer Engineering majors?
  • Can I take different courses than the ones shown here?
  • Can I change my course selections after early registration?
  • Is 15.0 points a reasonable load for fall semester?
  • Where can I find more information about courses and requirements?
  • How is advising done in Computer Engineering?
  • What if I already took a required Computer Engineering course elsewhere?
  • Am I ready for ELEN E3201 without having taken ELEN E1201?
  • Is ELEN E1201 a graduation requirement for Computer Engineering?
  • Do I need to take each 1-credit lab course with its corresponding lecture course?
  • Are there other options for filling the Probability requirement?
  • Which version of Data Structures should I take?
  • Are prerequisites enforced in Computer Engineering?

Last updated: Oct. 2015

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